Client Testimonials

  • One of the treasures I received from coaching with Travis was the ability to not be so emotionally tough on myself. Travis shared with me how to reach for the goal, taking actions and accepting that the results were not for me to control. As I am learning to trust God more and get out of the way, I’m able to see the results and not get as upset as I used to when I didn’t reach the goal. And….I reached some amazing feats working with Travis.  I work great with accountability and Travis assisted me in learning to be authentic and set goals that are attainable.  Travis coaching style to ask questions and let me figure the answer, which in turn helps me set the goal was perfect for my learning style. I enjoyed this process the most.  Travis would always say “you know what you need to do to meet the goal.” Since working with Travis, I have a level of trust in myself that wasn’t there. This is a mindset that will be maintained moving forward. Thank you for teaching me to trust the process. – Anne C
  • Before I started these coaching sessions, I was a little stressed out over unimportant things. Now after the coaching sessions, I can focus in on the important things and I can coach myself a lot better than before, thanks to Travis. I was a little hesitant because the sessions are over the phone but after the first conversation I think that the phone was very helpful. These coaching sessions have been very beneficial. – Jake T, 17
  • When I signed on for coaching I was looking to bring my passion into my career. Deep inside I knew this was possible but I was paralyzed by fear of the unknown journey. I didn’t want my insecurities to lead my life; I wanted my dreams to become a reality.  I wanted to trust in the process/journey more, and focus less on checking the boxes to hurry and get to the end goal.  The most profound change I experienced while coaching with Travis was the understanding that all the small things in the journey knit together to create the big thing.   After each coaching session with Travis, I felt a clear understanding of why I was acting in the manner I was and how I could work with my whole self to move forward to bring my passion to the forefront of my career.  If you are on the fence about using Travis’ services that means you have a desire inside to make a difference in your life. Travis will help you bring those desires into a reality to help catapult your life to the next level you are longing for.  Travis is an awesome coach and helped me face my truth and start living it.Nickey S
  • I had hoped to get accountability from working with Travis as well as a way for me to strategize on whatever I was dealing with in my business.  My expectations were definitely met as Travis gave me a way to stay consistent over the time even when my other business and triathlon training got very busy.  Travis helped me to stay focused, grounded in my goals, and allowed me to see my progress.  Travis assisted me in continuing to build my muscles around managing emotions.  As a full time soccer coach I’m constantly stressing how important it is to celebrate victories but not get overconfident, as well as not to get too frustrated with losses and beat yourself up.  It was great to have a coach who could do that for me.  No matter how good of a coach I am, I found that I can’t really coach myself.Danielle F
  • When I first started working with Travis I was hoping to be able to plan my business and come up with a system.  My expectations were met beyond what I had hoped and somewhat unexpected.  I was able to come up with more than a system that has helped me in ways that are valuable to growth – both personal and business related.  Some of the new strengths I can see that I’ve developed from working with Travis are:–          Keeping a positive mindset and allowing the growing pains in my business to help me grow as a person

    –          Emotional leverage and how to align my values with my strengths and my plans to grow my business

    –          Developing leadership and improving my ability to work with others by setting examples

    –          Creating vision for my future by reflecting on why I choose to build a business and how I can do things better to make progress.   

    I learned more than I anticipated and Travis’ coaching was exactly what I needed to get to where I am.  I benefited most in personal development.  I feel that I needed this the most in order to be confident and set the right goals at the right time.  It was enjoyable to discover what abilities I have and how resourceful I can be when there are hurdles to get over as my business grows.  And to take what I learned in that process of development and teach it to others is something I find joy in as a business owner.     

    Because of the personal growth and skills in the area of personal development I have learned with Travis’ coaching, I will now be able to recognize quickly what I need to do to move through a struggle I might face, and spend less time learning how to make the change I need.  It will give me more time to concentrate on the technical part, or numbers aspect of setting goals, planning and growing my business.  – Trish B

Parent Testimonials

  • The concerns I had about Jake that prompted me to have him begin working with a coach were his lack of identity after his older brother left to serve a two year LDS mission.  They are only 16 months apart and Jake had never known life by himself.  Every new step Jake took in life since the time he was born, was preceded by his older brother.  Jake never had to go anywhere alone or try anything new by himself.  It was like he lost half of himself when his older brother left.  He was insecure, anxious and just wasn’t himself.  Since he has worked with you, he has become more sure of himself.  He is more confident, self assured, and is less anxious and more at ease with his life.  He feels like he matters and he knows who he is.  The most profound change that I have noticed in Jake as he has gone through the coaching process, is that he has learned life coping skills where he has actually learned how to be his own life coach. Jake has learned self respect, to believe in himself, and that he is OK just the way he is.  I would recommend your life coaching program to all parents who are concerned about their teenagers. Especially if they just haven’t been themselves lately, if they are mourning the loss of an older sibling who has moved on to a mission or college,  if their teenager is just not coping with life, or if they are down and negative. You have a gift of bringing out the best in those you work with.  You teach them skills that they can use for the rest of their lives and you help them see the world through a positive, optimistic outlook on life.  Sometimes we as parents just can’t provide everything that our children need.  Sometimes we have to look outside of ourselves to a trusted friend and advisor.  You are our trusted friend and advisor and we will be forever grateful to him for the help that you have given Jake – Tammy T
  • I am really happy with the focus that you helped Jake to learn to enable him to meet his life goals. He has so many good ideas, but trying to get from point A to point B is a bit of a challenge. Before Jake came to you, he was having a hard time trying figure out what he wanted in life. He seemed down, and stressed. The stress led to being a little overstrung at times. He’s always worried about becoming better. which is a good trait to have. but when it leads to a little bit of depression, then he’s putting too much pressure on himself that he should be resulting in a feeling of underachievement.  When you offered to coach him, because I know you, I wasn’t worried at all. If it was someone else, I would worry that they might deprogram all of the training we’ve done as parents, fortunately though, you said we could call you anytime we had questions or concerns, so I wasn’t very worried.  After the second week, I could tell a difference in his attitude, and his ability to relax a bit. He always looked forward to talking with you each week. He held that time pretty sacred and would never let anything get in the way of his meeting with you. It was definitely worth having him meet with you. I don’t regret it a bit. I think you have something really good and useful to offer people who need a little bit of help in setting meaningful goals that they can reach. If he does have trouble , I know who I’m going to talk to. – Chris T